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All our products offer the same promise � healthy...naturally.

Food Brands

Welcome to the world of Oleev , where going beyond the ordinary is the constant endeavor.

Oleev introduces a range of Mediterranean Olive Oils that stand apart for their exquisite taste and vibrant health.

An experience that you will cherish for its purity , flavor and limitless possibilities.  ... more

"Olivana wellness", a 100% Pure Olive Oil Made from special ingredients & with super fine quality of pure imported olive oil from Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. ... more

"Rizolo", India's finest Rice Bran Oil, is a revolution in the cooking oil segment. It is a naturally healthy oil enriched with Oryzonal and other multiple nutrients. It is best for everyday cooking & suitable to all Indian food type.. ... more

"Miller", is extracted from the finest canola from the farms of Canada. The balance of Omega3 and mono-unsaturated fatty acids is perfect for all cuisines-including Indian & western.....more

Tarai is a premium brand in the edible cooking oil category ... more

Modi Naturals envisages immense potential for growth in its consumer products business. With a number of brands and products under development, we are constantly trying to bolster our range of consumer products.

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